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Cabin Boy director Adam Resnick talks about his book, his outlook, and failure

Hi guys. I know it’s been ages. I am saying that too frequently lately. Maybe I’m not in love with you anymore, Tumblr. I just don’t know! Kidding. I still love this blog. But I can’t work on it very much at present. I just popped in to say I thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Cabin Boy writer Adam Reznick, in which he states:
"I’m just weak, I guess. You can only get up off the mat so many times. If I saw an IMDB page like mine, I’d just think, ‘This guy’s a fucking hack.’"

The interview is funny and interesting throughout (I was laughing out loud at the napkin anecdote.) A recurring theme is that it’s very difficult to keep on doing work when it feels unappreciated. Or even underappreciated. Hell, sometimes it’s hard to work for moderate levels of interest. We all want our projects (or “children” in artist-speak) to turn out well, and as such, failure can so quickly melt into defeat. I have done some things I’m relatively proud of, but feel like I am often looked at as “just the camera guy,” when in fact I am also a writer, director, and even an actor at times. Besides which… “just the camera guy”? Camera work is a technical and creative endeavor just like anything else, but it seems less valued in modern times… perhaps because of how commonplace cameras have become. I digress.

My point is that I can relate. This guy has had many bigger successes than I ever will, and he still feels like most of them don’t amount to much. Yet overall, even when other people don’t value my work, I generally do. I’ve taken some definitive photographs, made a feature comedy I am generally happy with, made decent music videos, been an editor for some great horror comics, shot a well-liked web series, among other things. It’s harder to remember the good times for some reason, but that remains key, every day.

On a side note, I am going to try to take my first art class in many years over the weekend. I’m trying to learn a formal thing or two about illustration, and there is a local studio offering a class. It’s been a long-time goal to be able to write and draw in the vein of graphic novels…  perhaps this will help. Wish me luck!

Here’s the rest of the shots.

I recently had the good fortune to work with Kelly Lajter, the exceptionally talented model/actress and editor of Project Famous. I was honored she had some down time from her own pursuits to sink her teeth into this shoot. Har har. Here’s to more bloody good times in the future! 
OK, I’ll stop now. Tumblr limits these to 10 pics per post, so I’ll do a second one with the rest to follow.


Hey there, long time, no blog. 

It’s 2014, and everything is totally different. Right? Right. I have been working on some secret writing, which takes away from my blog time. But in the process of writing, I stumbled across my old freelance site and realized I could host it with google drive, so the above link should take you there. I got out of active freelancing a while back but I still often will take jobs as they appear.
Not a whole lot of other news to report at the moment. I got a couple sketchpads and a basic charcoal set so I might try to get into that soon if I can. Lots of great art gifts arrived for Christmas, to get me through the winter entertained.
I will try not to neglect this blog… I did renew my domain, so that’s something, right? A declaration of intent. In the meantime, you can check out some of those sidebar links if you’re bored… there is no shortage of great art in the world for anybody who’s online.


Calvin & Hobbes perfectly sums up the creative process.


Calvin & Hobbes perfectly sums up the creative process.


David Szauder - Failed Memory

"Our brains store away images to retrieve them later, like files stored away on a hard drive. But when we go back and try to re-access those memories, we may find them to be corrupted in some way.”

(via avant-gravy)


Here’s a Poe project from the Re-Animator team which I think everybody should help make happen. I’ve also read that the Poe museum (or house, I forget the name) is having trouble funding operations… shouldn’t they just make the local football team (Ravens) pay for a little real culture? Ah well…

Giorgio de Chirico - Nostalgia of the Infinite

Giorgio de Chirico - Nostalgia of the Infinite

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